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Change Management


The need to cultivate change capability or deliver a breakthrough strategic initiative at speed are no longer what characterizes the great from the good.  These traits are now essential for organisations looking to survive, and then, thrive.


We help organisations achieve change through targeted interventions and capability development.  Our solutions are lean, authentic, and sustainable. We operate at the intersection of best practice systems thinking, behavioral psychology, and leadership. 


The level and type of solutions we offer depend on whether a client needs an immediate intervention at a project or program level, or the development of broader skills and capabilities within their organisation. 


Consulting and Facilitation 

We are certified and experienced practitioners across a suite of best practice change management methodologies. We offer end to end change management solutions to meet the delivery needs of your projects and programs. We can facilitate the development of your transformation strategy, develop the business case and lead the change management response from inception through to benefit realisation.


Leadership and Development

It is often said that change and transformation initiatives live and die on the success of their leadership and sponsorship. We can support your senior leaders in defining and then navigate a roadmap that enables success. We can set up a change management office within your organization and introduce governance, structure, and direction to your initiative. We can also establish, nurture, and enable agility and change readiness through a center of excellence.  



We provide training on a variety of topics, including:


Employee Engagement Through Change

Employee Engagement and Organisational Change does not have to be mutually exclusive. This workshop leverages positive psychology and introspection to help leaders define a roadmap that will enable employee engagement during a period of rapid large scale change. 


The Organisational Change Life-Cycle

What does best practice organisational change look like from the point of inception through to handing over an established solution to the organisation as BAU? In this workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of change management and develop a prototype change solution developed uniquely for their organization. 


Systems Thinking & Change Management

A workshop designed to help leaders and change practitioners understand the relationship between solution development & solution delivery during organiational change. This workshop equips participants with a roadmap they can use to align their change management approach with their internal project and program management architecture. 


Mindful Leadership through Transformation 

A workshop that leverages mindfulness, neuroscience and the latest thinking on leadership through coaching. This course has been developed for senior leaders and executive looking to equip themselves and their organisations with role model leadership during periods of rapid and large scale change. An investment towards ensuring your next change initiatives not only delivers a solution but sets a cultural benchmark for your organisation. 


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