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Our workshops are energising, inspiring and insightful. Designed to connect with your people, and initiate change. 

We tailor our workshops and speeches to each client's needs: whether you want a 45-minute keynote or an interactive workshop our engagement solutions are designed to trigger introspection, insight, and inspiration. The concepts and methods introduced in our speeches and workshops are explored further through our learning and development programs. Our most popular topics are:


Employee Engagement through Change - From the In-tangible to the Concrete 

We demystify employee engagement by leveraging landmark thinking and research derived from the field of positive psychology and equip participants with the insight to develop bespoke employee engagement roadmaps they can deploy during periods of change and transformation.  


Organisational Change - Diverging & Converging Methodologies 

We showcase popular change management methodologies and discuss their respective strengths and challenges. Popular with executive teams and program management professionals, this speech challenges the notion that change management success is a linear journey from point A to B. 


The Change Management Life Cycle - Roles, Responsibilities and a Roadmap 

The most successful change harnesses strong leadership support and strong technical change management capability to create a cadence of accountability and delivery. We discuss the roles and responsibilities that combine to create that cadence.  


Leadership during Change  - Interpersonal Neuroscience 

Supportive leadership is what most, if not all, change professionals highlight as the number one critical success factor to ensure change initiatives achieve their goals sustainably. We discuss how leaders can manage the 360-degree strain on their time and presence during a period of rapid large scale change. 


Organisational Transformation - A Cultural Marker 

Every change initiative your organisation embarks on is a cultural marker. The way the change is managed will lay the foundation for every change initiative that follows it. This discussion equips participants with the insight required to define what impact your change initiative will have on your organisation.  Leveraging Caroline Taylor's seminal work on organisational culture this is a discussion that elevates leaders to align the micro-detail of their change initiative with the macro-reality of their organisations cultural strategy. 


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