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We offer training and capability development programs that achieve measurable behaviour change and improved organisational performance

ZENgagement works with you to develop training experiences that are engaging and impactful.  We offer solutions for colleagues both new and highly experienced in the world of change management, including both technical change management skills and relationship driven soft skills. We provide training on a variety of topics, including: 


Benefit Realisation through Change Management

We guide participants through the process of achieving the goals and outcomes of organisational strategy through effective project and change management systems, processes and practices. Participants will develop a roadmap that defines how and when business objectives develop into project and change management requirements in a business case. How to develop benefit realisation plans that leverage both technical and emotive change management practices. 

Technical Change Management & Behaviour Change 

Change management done well sees efficient and logical processes and systems intersect with nuanced and empathetic leadership. This necessity for the structured and tangible to coexist with the conceptual and nebulous is often what defines the successful change initiative from the less successful. Participants will learn how to deploy tried and tested systems and processes, while exploring the practices that are necessary to elevate a change initiative from a project to a symbol for sustainable behavior change within their organisation. 

Waterfall, Agile & LEAN Change Management

Aligning your change management approach to the project management methodology used on your project or program is critical to ensure consistency, rhythm and momentum. Participants will walk through the difference between Waterfall and Agile Change, understanding the inputs, processes, and outputs that define each methodology. 

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