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Experience what quality change management looks & feels like


With the (conservative) estimation that up to 75% of change programs fail to deliver their intended benefit, it's easy to understand why leaders who are about to start a (career-defining) change initiative grapple with both optimism and concern.


If the change is a success, they and their teams will have delivered a tangible and highly visible improvement for their organisation. Get change right and enjoy the sort of 360-degree halo effect few professional development opportunities can offer.


Of course, get it wrong and risk being part of organisational folklore.

The effect of change gone wrong is all too well documented. With no halo in sight, failed change initiatives resemble a blast radius. In our experience, few events impact performance, productivity, credibility and culture quite like poorly managed change. 


At ZENgagement we believe It simply doesn't have to be like this. We believe enduring, outcome focused change management balances benefit realisation, technical excellence and authentic and compassionate delivery. 


ZENgagement Consulting helps leaders and organisations achieve this balance by deploying best practice, fit for purpose change management processes, systems and methodologies. Our technical excellence is complemented by our emotional intelligence. 


As advocates for a human-centred approach to change our team establish credibility through experience, technical excellence and connection. Whether its building relationships or developing and cultivating capability with your people, we are committed to ensuring you, your leaders and your team experience what it looks and feels like to get change right.


While we would love to partner with our clients at the start of their change initiatives, we understand that sometimes that's not possible. We are just as adept at helping out of control change initiatives get back on track, as we are in supporting our clients start their initiatives with effectiveness and impact.


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